Is Biomimetic Dentistry Legitimate? Let’s Address It!

At Monarch Dental Arts, Dr. Anna Paholiouk is proud to be a biomimetic dentist in Orange County, and serves patients with the very best dental care. But we understand that the term “biomimetic dentistry” can be a bit confusing, especially for patients who have only seen traditional dentists.

So what is it? What does biomimetic dentistry involve? And is it a legitimate approach to dental care? Find out everything you need to know in this blog from our team, and see why biomimetic dentistry from Dr. Paholiouk is the best choice for you.

Biomimetic Dentistry Is Legitimate – And It’s The Best Approach To Dental Care

“Biomimetic” is a term that means “to imitate the natural properties of something.” In dentistry, this means that a dentist will focus on preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible when rebuilding a damaged tooth. 

Think of it this way. If you break your leg, a doctor will not recommend that you cut off your leg and replace it with an artificial leg. Instead, your doctor will provide the minimally-invasive treatment your leg needs to heal and get back to its natural function, like setting the bone and then placing a cast on your leg to protect it as it heals.

In the same way, a biomimetic dentist like Dr. Anna will always look for the least invasive way to repair a damaged tooth. Rather than removing lots of natural tooth structure to repair a decayed tooth, for example, Dr. Anna will use advanced materials and techniques to protect your enamel and rebuild your tooth. 

Protecting and preserving your teeth is the primary focus of biomimetic dentistry. And compared to traditional standards of care, biomimetic dentistry is superior for preserving your tooth structure and overall oral health.

Understanding The Benefits Of A Biomimetic Treatment Approach

Now that we’ve broken down the basics of a biomimetic approach to dentistry, let’s get into the details. Why should you choose biomimetic dentistry in Orange County, rather than seeing a traditional dentist?

  • Preserve more tooth structure – Your natural enamel, pulp, and other parts of your tooth structure are precious. Whenever possible, it’s best to preserve them instead of replacing them with artificial materials. This is Dr. Anna’s focus at Monarch Dental Arts. You can trust her to never recommend any unnecessary invasive dental procedures and protect your precious tooth structure.

  • Avoid unnecessary and expensive treatment – Not only is traditional dentistry more invasive, but it’s also expensive. A traditional dentist may recommend a dental crown when a filling may be a reasonable alternative, and this adds time, complexity, and cost to your treatment. Getting care from a biomimetic dentist like Dr. Anna could save you time, headaches, and money, too. Dr. Anna’s goal is to preserve your natural tooth and avoid unnecessary root canal treatment.

  • Maintain your natural and beautiful smile – Overall, biomimetic dentistry results in a more natural-looking and beautiful smile. No matter what treatments you need, Dr. Anna focuses on keeping your smile looking natural and avoiding teeth that look fake or artificial.

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