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Your search ends at Monarch Dental Arts! With our modern approach to comfortable, minimally-invasive dentistry, we are ready to pamper your smile. If you’re visiting our office for the first time, be sure to take advantage of our new patient special offer and save on the preventive and diagnostic care that you need to jumpstart your journey to dental wellness.

*New patients only. Not valid in cases of periodontal disease. Cannot be used with insurance.


New Patient Special

Comprehensive Oral and Health Exam
Digital X-Rays
Thorough Cleaning *
Periodontal (Gum) Tissue Examination
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$195 New Patient Special Includes

Digital Check-in

We make check-in a breeze, by offering digital check-in to all patients. We’ll collect your information digitally for a faster, safer visit.

Minimal Waiting

We value your time! Even though we built a beautiful waiting lounge for your comfort, we strive to do all possible to have you in dental chair pronto. Dr. Anna only sees one patient at a time, meaning you'll always have her undivided attention.

Comprehensive Oral and Health Exam

Our overall health and oral exams designed to prevent problems, instead of just solving them. Dr. Anna will spend all the time necessary to preform a comprehensive exam and to educate our patients about their dental wellness.

  • Dr. Anna will go over the health and dental history with the patient

  • A thorough head and neck exam, including TMJ evaluation

  • Oral cancer and sleep apnea screening

  • A close screening and intraoral photos of each tooth for baseline information, so we have a good map for reference at future visits. We will also use PearlAi technology as needed to deeper examen your teeth.

  • Evaluation of the occlusion (how your teeth come together)

  • A thorough examination of the periodontal (gum) tissues and charting of pockets

Thorough Cleaning

Your comfort is our priority. You will have beautiful, relaxing scenery playing on the overhead screen as we clean your teeth with our state-of-the-art Piezo scaler. We invested in this technology to provide you with the utmost comfort during the cleaning procedure. Compared to traditional Ultrasonic Scalers, Piezo allows us to clean your teeth more efficiently, while producing minimal sound and vibration. This results in less sensitivity and more comfort during the procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are more comfortable than traditional x-rays and also lessen your exposure to radiation by up to 80%. These detailed images will help Dr. Anna identify issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

See You at Your Next Visit!

Even the best experiences must come to an end. We will have a goodie bag ready for you on your way out.

We care about the environment and we do our best to eliminate the use of plastic. We find the best quality, environmentally friendly products for you to take home and enjoy. Each bag holds a surprise for you :)

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Whether you're using our Pearl Blanc Membership, insurance benefits or taking advantage of our new patient special, all patients receive the same great care and experience.

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Monarch Dental Arts, Inspired by Nature

At Monarch Dental Arts, we take a minimally-invasive, biomimetic approach to dentistry because we believe the best dentistry should be undetectable whether you’ve had a simple filling or a complete smile makeover. That’s why It is our goal to preserve the natural health and beauty of your smile. Just like the monarch butterfly evolves, we are here to help your smile spread its wings and realize its natural potential. If you have questions about our approach, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to see how we can help you love your smile.

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Have Questions About Monarch Dental Arts?

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (949)-392-4222 to speak with our team.

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Will There Be Any Additional Costs at My First Visit?

No. At Monarch Dental Arts, there are never any surprise costs or hidden fees. We always discuss each treatment with you before proceeding. With our new patient special, your first visit will include a cleaning, exams, and x-rays all for $195. No additional costs!

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What Happens After My First Visit?

After your first visit, we will work together on developing a personalized treatment plan that accommodates your goals and unique needs. Whether it’s setting a schedule for your next cleaning and exam, or discussing further restorative or cosmetic treatments, we are here for you.

Can I Use Dental Insurance?

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Yes! At Monarch Dental Arts, all insurances are welcome. We are happy to help you maximize your insurance benefits and offer complimentary benefits checks. However, if you do decide to use your insurance plan to cover your first visit, you will not be eligible for the new patient special.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

We use only the best tools and technology because your comfort is our priority. Our modern equipment ensures more efficient and effective treatments.

Compassionate Team

We understand that taking that first step to getting your oral health care back on track can be scary! We are here to provide judgment-free encouragement.

Relaxing Amenities

You’ll feel right at home in our office with complimentary refreshments, a variety of entertainment options, and customizable experiences.

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