Can We Avoid A Root Canal With Biomimetic Dentistry? Yes – And Here’s How!

As a biomimetic dentist in Orange County, Dr. Anna Paholiouk does things differently from traditional dentists. In biomimetic dentistry, the top priority is always to protect and preserve as much of your tooth structure as possible. But in traditional dentistry, much of your natural tooth structure may be removed, even if this isn’t necessary to keep your tooth healthy.

This is why we take a unique approach to root canal therapy. Root canals are sometimes needed for severely infected teeth. But with biomimetic dentistry, it’s often possible to avoid the need for root canal therapy, keep more of your natural tooth structure, and extend the lifespan of your tooth.

Is It Possible To Avoid Root Canal Therapy With Biomimetic Dentistry?

Yes. Biomimetic dentistry focuses on preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, and this extends into the interior of your tooth, too. If there is an infection, it’s possible that the nerve inside of your tooth is still “vital,” meaning that it’s alive and still has enough blood flow to keep your tooth healthy and alive. 

At Monarch Dental Arts, we use special tools to test the vitality of your pulp. If Dr. Anna determines that your pulp is still vital, we will not recommend a root canal. Instead, Dr. Anna will clean up the decay from your tooth while leaving your nerve and all healthy tooth structure intact. Then, she will use specialized materials to seal off the root and restore your tooth layer by layer.

The result is a tooth that looks and feels natural, and will not cause you any pain or discomfort. And best of all, avoiding root canal therapy helps prolong the lifespan of your natural tooth, which is always the goal of biomimetic dentistry.

Why Should I Choose Biomimetic Dentistry To Avoid Root Canal Therapy?

To keep things simple, root canals shorten the lifespan of your natural tooth. In a root canal, it’s normal for a dentist to remove most or all of the “pulp” from inside your tooth, even if not all of it is infected. Pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth alive.

Because of this, removing the pulp means that your tooth will not last as long. After root canal therapy, it’s normal for teeth to require further treatment after just 10-20 years. In contrast, teeth treated with biomimetic dentistry can last much longer. If you take good care of your newly-restored tooth, it could last you for the rest of your life.

Does Biomimetic Dentistry Always Mean A Root Canal Is Not Needed?

Unfortunately, no. A root canal is only avoidable if the nerve inside your tooth is still vital and healthy. If the nerve is severely damaged, irreversibly infected, or dead, then you may still need a root canal. However, Dr. Anna will only recommend a root canal if it’s truly your only option. 

Not all root canals are the same, either. If you do need a root canal, Dr. Anna will use biomimetic techniques to restore your tooth. This means that she will only remove decayed and damaged tooth structure. When it’s time to rebuild it, she will also restore your tooth layer-by-layer rather than trimming it down and using a dental crown. This maximizes the amount of healthy tooth structure that’s preserved during your treatment. In turn, this prolongs the lifespan of your tooth, even after root canal therapy.

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